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Power Melody Guitar (by BigStockBuzz) is a song lyric guitar chord generator and chord diagram software for guitarists, vocalists, band leaders, guitar teachers, and songwriters. It provides a quick and easy way to view and print lyrics for guitars, bass, and other types of instruments. Musical Chord Generator 3.0.1 (by riesek) is a web based chord chart generator. It is a useful tool to generate free and printable chord charts. The musician can create their own chord charts for their own songs.Q: Triggering an action based on the visibility of an element In the code below, I need to trigger a slideDown action on a div when it is scrolled past the bottom of the page (eg. if there is a scrollbar). The problem is that I don't know how to tell when the div is scrolled past the bottom of the page (based on the height of the div). This is what I'm currently using: $(window).scroll(function () { if ($(window).scrollTop() > $(window).height() - $("#slideshow-container").height()) { $("#slideshow-container").slideDown(); } else { $("#slideshow-container").slideUp(); } }); This is just not working as expected. A: You need to use the scroll() event instead of scrollTop() in your logic. if ($(window).scrollTop() + $(window).height() > $(window).height() - $("#slideshow-container").height()) { Mashable's New Year's resolution: Get your shit together - ericwan ====== drcode _We'll show up at the upcoming TED conference with a prototype, present the first version of the Mashable Reader —




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